Happy New Year 2010

Hi...Welcome 2010 n bye bye 2009..Happy new year to all..

Let's check what's happened along 2009..

  • As usual my birthday at this month..19 January...

  • Also on 24-27 Jan having family vacation to KT, Cherating and Bukit Tinggi

Part 3

Part 4

Nothing much can story..heheheh..

nothing much can story..at this time i'm still at KL..ha ah..busy wif my job..also at the same time my sis had to move to Banting from Damansara..No internet connection at that time..


  • Kementerian ku dibubarkan

more details are here

So all the gov servants under MECD had to move to other agencies controlled by JPA.
Me?`Penang start starting working at Penang on 15 June 2009.Back to hometown..yahu

  • 23-27 April 2009- Family vacation to Jakarta n Bandung..so this coming February insyallah we will there again..2nd honeymoon + wif my family
  • My mum's birthday
  • My eldest brother's birthday
  • My youngest brother's birthday


  • Nothing much can story...

  • Kursus Induksi Umum
  • Transfer job to Penang..new environment workplace..
  • My father's birthday


  • My husband birthday


  • Really busy wif the wedding preparation
  • Busy also wif the aidilfitri preparation..


  • Raye Raye Raye
  • My husband was offered wif a new job at cyberjaya..alhamdulillah


  • Our 8th anniversary-berchenta
  • mkn angin at langkawi-kursus


  • Our 1st anniversary engagement - 04.10.2008
  • Busy wif da wedding preparation..


  • Akad nikah at my house, penang - 18.12.2009 (1 Muharram 1421 H)
  • Reception, Penang - 19.12.2009
  • Reception, Kedah - 20.12.2009


EyeDa said...

Happy new year Afira. New year, new lifestyle though.
Resolution Norafiq - anak ramai...auww!!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

lilieyz said...

lili tau ape jadual kak nora tahun 2010..

Jan : ade baby
Sept : deliver baby
Dec : mengasuh baby

ok tak ? hehe..epi new year..n epi besday in advance...

cikin said...

happy new year afira.. n hope its not too late to wish.. "selamat pengantin baru.. moga kekal bahagia selamanya.. aminnn..:)"

n appy becoming bday..;)

Afira said...

Eyeda : happy new year to u too..apa azam br?wow! aminn..anak rmi tu..tgk rezeki n economy mcm mn dulu..hihi

Hapi: tq

Lilieyz : pandai wt schedule for me yer..insyallah..tp xnk la awal sgt tu..tq for da besday wish..

cikin : happy new year to u too.. tq for da besday wish