##32 weeks - 8 months

32 weeks today!!! 3rd trimester

-alhamdullilah.. i am considered to reach this stage-
- babycenter + baby gaga reminded me that I am now on my 32th weeks-
- my love for the little one in my tummy love to kicks-
-I was holding my tummy all the times so that I can feel the kicks on my 2nd trimester. But now tak perlu put hands on tummy, tummy akan bergerak gerak..mmg best!-
-Already start to tick my baby movement at my pink book starting from 25/11/2010-
-My hubby like to smile when he also can feel our baby movement. something wow!!!-
-Very tempting to shop for baby stuff-
-no more sleeping and penat like in the 1st trimester-

updates by MamyPoko Club

You are really getting close. These next few weeks you will experience:

Colostrum leaking: The milk glands in your breasts may have started to make colostrum by now. Colostrum is the pre-milk that provides your baby with calories and nutrients for the first few days before your milk comes in if you plan to breastfeed. For some women, it is thin and watery. For others, it is thick and yellowish. If you notice your breasts leaking colostrum, you can buy disposable or washable breast pads to protect your clothing.

Varicose veins: Spidery blue/green webs spreading through your legs? Try to elevate your feet as often as possible

Update by Baby Gaga
Only 8 more weeks to go!
My super-baby weighs in this week at a whopping 4 lbs and 17 inches. As they continue to grow (and grow), my baby's womb-studio "shrinks" and their mobility declines in their increasingly cramped living quarters. Which means I'll soon be feeling less kicks and jabs. ONLY 8 MORE WEEKS!!!!

me @ 31 weeks at MV - Malaysia Baby, Children & Parents Expo

my sis & kids

my little princess baby Hana..my sis new daughter. She love to sleep. Hasilnya makin chubby


ch0ch01ic said...

kak nora dah 8bln ka?cpt ja rasa.due bila?bleh tahan noo perut :)

iswatie "colours of life" said...

wahhh..comei la aku....kekeke

M@M@ said...

wah...besooonye poyot...comey...dh 8bln ye...dh get ready jd mama?aku doakan yg terbaekkk tok ang...TC!!jg diri...

Afira said...

ch0ch01ic : ha ah dah 8 bulan...due 26.01.2011..insyallah

iswatie : aku lg comei la

Afira said...

M@M@ : huhuhuhu..mmg beso my poyot nih..ready? mcm x ready nja..takut la wehhhhhh..boleh kah aku????jd ibu yg terbaek?tq doakan aku..I lap u!!!