Jom menapak Pecah Lomak

Thanks My sis for the info...Sorryla..copy ur entry to my blog..malas dah mengayat..lgpon bkn kt rumah nih..

I Qoute:

Thanks Tini for the info.
Girls, jom la join.meramaikan majlis. bg penuh ngan geng2 bloggers. We have to support it agar we free from BREAST CANCER.mintak simpang!

semlm dah bodek2 Mr Hubby. yippie..dia setuju.....
ntah boleh ker idak nak menapak nih.....but yg pasti semangat mesti kene ada.n yg best dapat reward tshirt pink ngan goodies beg worth RM100. sapa yg x mau kan???
so jom la join..korang leh register kat

some infos:
1. The race is open to all participants of age 13 and above as of 31st December 2009. Children aged 12 and below can accompany their parents but will not be eligible for the goodie bag and T-shirt.

2. T-shirt distribution is on the event day which is 3rd October 2009 from 5.00pm to 6.15pm at Menara Kuala Lumpur

3. The registration closing date is at 5pm 14 Sept 2009 or upon reaching 1,200 participants whichever that is earlier.

4. RM30.00 for participant age 13 and above. There is RM3.00 transaction fee for online registration.

5. Goodiesbag worth RM 100.00.

p/s : Both of us juz help to promote this event..

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