KakaoTalk Malaysia KakaoTalk Malaysia

Tiap kali tgk tv kat rumah mesti byk iklan psl  KakaoTalk nih..yg color kuning2 tu..
Ade Yuna..

Characters dlm  KakaoTalk

Apakah  KakaoTalk?
KakaoTalk is a free downloadable smartphone messenger that allows users to send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice notes, voice calls and contact information through one-on-one and group chats/calls internationally.

Technology update :
Dear. Android & iPhone users at Malaysia,
Have you experienced the world's highest quality free group call?
Now you can enjoy HD voice group call easier than ever.

* How to make a group call?
Press (>) button in the group chat room - 'Group Call'

> Yes, it is that easy! <

p/s: tetiba aku teringin pulak nk pakai iphone ;) 

 nak tahu details pasal KakaoTalk klik banner kat atas yer

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