CPUV (Cost-per-unique-visit) Campaigns - by Nuffnang

Hi..Assalammualaikum wrt..

Welcome back..Masih lg dalam mood raya hokey..

Masuk blog nak tgk org update strory psl raya..tp ramai x update lg..me tunggu transfer gambar dulu k

ok saje check nuffnang..ade pulak la CPUV (Cost-per-unique-visit) Campaigns

hmmm..kalau korang nak tahu details click la kat iklan tu yer..manatau ade pe2 yg hebat ker......

Tips for CPUV Campaign

Advertisers select blogs for CPUV campaigns based on several criteria such as a blog's target audience, blogging genre and influence. For example, a cosmetics company would be more likely to select a fashion and beauty blog with female readers to advertise on.
Bloggers with Glitterati status are also prioritised higher during the selection.
Making sure your ads are optimally placed, updating your blogger profile and survey will increase the chances of advertisers noticing your blog and therefore increasing the chances of your blog being chosen for CPUV Campaigns.

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