I-Phone 4 PILLOW

I-Phone 4 PILLOW
Price : RM35 each
FREE pos parcel seluruh Malaysia

Any enquiries can sms me @ 012-5635757

-a plush reproduction of the iphone 4 & is a real must have for an apple fan.
-a giant apple iphone shaped pillow that look like the real deal.
-spandex cover & filling of the polystyrene beads give the iphone pillow a silky feel.
-it's time to sleep with ur iphone

FILLING : polystyrene beads
COVER : 88% polyester 12% spandex
DIMENSIONS : 40 X 21 X 15cm
WEIGHT : 250gm

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Pink Lavender said...

kite share benda yang bagus lerr untuk kengkawan blogger..
tak guna simpan sorang2 kan..sama2 untung lah PB tuhh...hik2..

oitsss..brape iphone 4s tuh?
bos takdak aku rileks lah skejap...hahaha