36 weeks

36 weeks today - 9 months..

Fuh..already 9 months..it's very fast..
I'm so happy as a preggy woman..my colleague will give me chance what I want to eat every day esp lunch hour..ngehehehe..naik kepala ar..

my hubby..also family+Family in law..always asking me..apa yg teringin..I'm very lucky..all preggy woman are very lucky..sometimes nk lintas jalan pun senang..

36 weeks checkup today..all ok..baby ok..placenta ok..mummy not ok? asyik sakit gigi..after this I have to do checkup for every week..

Just now went to Private Clinic to do details scan..but my hubby still x puas hati selagi x buat 3d/4d scan..hmmm..perlu ker?


.:Mrs. Engineer:. said...

bley wt lg ke?sbab ari tu sy nk wt, dh x nmpk sgt dh...baby dh bsar...uhu

Afira said...

susah ckit nk nampak..tp saya still boleh nampak..gender pun boleh nampk..utk 2d tuh

pk2 balik 3D/4D x buat dah pun sebab takut jadi cmtuh la..tak nampak..