Update task for this week

1. Fold my wedding Card - Done - Orders 700 pcs but we received 745 pcs ;) my side 400 pcs, his side 300 pcs.
2. Update my Wedding Diary - I just bought the new one..Then I make sure all the receipts + etc are there..
3. Bought 3 carpets at Chulia Street, Penang wif my ayah+mak
i - apple green - room
ii- maroon - hall
apple green just left one only..huk huk..nvm..Will find it at Pesta Pulau Pinang - coming soon on Nov
4. Backup my notebook+Burn all my data+pictures+Make labels..
5. Design Small Wedding Card - for org masjid 30 pcs only coz yg ade tu keras+besar..ayh ckp susah nk lipat..ala..bukan keras+besar sgt pun..;)
6. Design Signage / Tanda arah jalan
7. Call butik pengantin - change da solemnization date from 12.12.2009 to 18.12.2009
8. Email photographer - change da solemnization date


Fuchsia~ said...

eh jgn lupa satu kad utk sy eh. kekwn blog punye kad mmg sy simpan wat kenangan nih ^-^

Afira said...

okies..i will ;)