Ok..satu lagi dah selesai..berbulan - bulan survey..Finally dah dpt yg berkenan..the price..the picture..the package..sesuai dgn lepas raya akan ade further discussion + pembayaran 30% deposit..ambil northern photographer..Maklumla..kan org UTARA..


4weddingku.mya said...

Hi there..
I like your attitude of choosing the best within your capicity (geographical & budget) & search for the best! Thats why we need proper tima to plan kan! Clap-Clap for you!. Btw, those links are nice pictures!

Afira said...

tq tq

NisS^ImmEr said...

hi, nice blog. my official photgrapher is one of them in the list. so who's your pick? bleh tau? hehhe